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blah im going to sleep soon. I did alot of things today. 1. signed up for my classes 2. got my hair cut 3.went to the gym 4 had a really good steak sandwich 5. saw alan. I havent talked to lauren all day and she hasnt been on. I hope her friends were ok since i heard on the news that there was a power outage and shit. well I hope to talk to her tomorrow. I got another web cam today its shit im returned this one too and going to comp.usa tomorrow with mike to finality get a good webcam, should be fun. I got work from 10 to 5. I hope im in frozen foodsss i hate doing stock and i hate the managers from new york there too.Send there dumb ass's back to that lose of power of a city so they can all die! haha im so nice...ah im tired need sleep. time to go byebye.
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