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OZZFEST was the greatest! I had the best time of my fucking life! Black Sabath was sooo awesome! Ozzy rules!....At frist when i step into the tweeter center i was like omg...i'm in heaven.I got kind down cause i saw alot of coulples there But i wansnt there for no girl...damnit i was there for the MUSIC!! Kud was so great , He said something that like changed my life , He said no mater want anyone thinks of u , the way u act, dress , look , what u listening to , dont like u cause u love metal, U give them the fucking finger !!!!!JUST FOR HIM!
then when Ozzy came on i saw him! i was like omg it was so weird ...i was so shocked it was ozzy!!!!!! the master of metal . if it wasnt for him i would have never been what i'm today.Ozzy is indeed God . I felt for a long time in my life ozzfest....i didnt care about finding a girl or even getting a girl , for godshank i'll marry Ozzfest! cause for once in my life .i felt what it was like to be free , no worries no shit , just good god damn music .. Ozzy helped me out that day he showed me that there is Hope!!!! that metal will like for ever!!!! and i'll always be the person that was inside of that little sad boy in grade school that no one gave a shit about.
I'll find the girl of my dreams!!!!!!!!! and if i dont I wanta die at ozzfest!!!!!!!! cAase i know i'll die happy!!!!!!!!
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