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Today i woke up i was so tired, I went to school and was falling asleep the whole time. I just got up from taking a nice nap. I have work from 5 to 10 today...yay what fun. But i have nothing esle better to do. I dont know what i'm doing tommorrow i think fred wants to go to the mall after he's done work. I wanta get some pants and maybe my down ticket. I saw Korn tues. night it was so awesome! That was a great night. So far this week has been going really fast, I just hope the weekend doesnt go as fast. I still dont know what i'm doing on saterday. Dan wants me to go on this hayride thingy., but i'm not sure yet. YES i get payed today i'll finality have Money. I need money i'm down to like 30 bucks.... well time to go now , bye all u assclowns
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