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so bored

i went to school today and that was about it so far, I'm soooo bored....theres nothing to do and no one online, or no one that wants to chat with me...Tommorrow i'm off from school and work so im gonna get my hair cut in the morning and look all handsome( hahaha yeah right) then i got to go to the demitologist at 3 , then i'm going to al's at like 7 to work out again. I hope he gets a bench press soon,so we can go nuts and get really buff down there. Ha theres nothing esle for me to do anymore except work out anymore. That and music...hmmm i havent goten a cd in a while or in fact downloaded any new songs....well i'm gonna go. OO by the way if anyone has a code for deadjoural , please respond to this, cause i'm looking to start a deadjournal. ok bye ppl
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