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hmmmmmm this doesnt feel right, i'm i jealoud. maybe i'm ...hmmm i'm confused... maybe ppl that are out of highschool well boys that i went to judge with have girlfriends....but....y dont i...i do not understand. its like i was forgoten about,,, its soo weird. I was talking to this really hot girl that was online she seemed really cool but proably wasnt single...u know it seems like no ggirl is single out there anymore. Or in the fast MY type....i just wish i had someone to hug and be with i'm so getting so sick of not being i want a relationship....i want one so bad but i cant i haven had one in so long....its killing me like i;m dieing slowly as we speak .....grrrrr and i ask myself Y....what did i do to deserve all of this....: nothing >> i didnt do a thing to deserve this torture ....but i get it cuase maybe it will all work out at the end and all the shit that has happend to be well backfire and turn out to be GREAT! and i'll finaly be " happy" ....ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO BE HAPPY ....HAPPY...ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO BE HAPPY.............I WANT TO BE FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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